STS Training Solutions Complaints Policy

STS Training Solutions provides a range of courses including but not limited to, first aid, health and safety, food safety, and manual handling all through Qualsafe.

At STS Training Solutions we are committed to providing high quality training and qualifications, and to ensuring that equality of opportunity underpins all aspects of our work.

This policy relates to complaints that our customers, students and suppliers may have about our organisation and sets out our formal procedure for dealing with such complaints.

It is important that all complaints are raised directly with STS Training Solutions.

Our complaints policy is a four-stage process, each process is detailed below, most complaints will be resolved to a satisfactory standard at stage one.

If the complaint is not resolved at stage one then it should be escalated to stage two and if not resolved again it should be escalated to stage three, finally if not resolved at the third stage the final stage should be used.


Stage one


  • Complaint is raised directly with the trainer/assessor conducting the course, who will deal with the complaint at the time that it is raised.
  • If the complaint is not about a course but about another aspect of our business, then the complaint should be raised with the staff member the customer is in communication with.


Stage two


  • Complaint should be referred to STS Training Solutions where there is a named contact who deal with complaints, they can be contacted by using the following details
  • Rob Towersey, email or call 07484511367.
  • We will aim to resolve all complaints within 7 working days in writing.


Stage three


  • Complaint should be referred to Qualsafe Awards/ City and Guilds (qualification dependent), who will carry out an investigation into the complaint and will contact the complainant with the results of their investigation.


Stage four


  • Stage four is the final stage of the complaint, if your complaint has not been resolved, you can take your complaint to Ofqual.
  • You can make us aware of your complaint by letter, phone or email.


Information we need


You need to provide us with the following information:

  • What the complaint is about
  • Your full name and candidate number (if you have one)
  • The training provider’s name and number
  • The name of the awarding organisation or exam board
  • The qualification or unit title and code number
  • Copies of any relevant supporting documents.


We promise to


  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days of receiving it
  • Give you a full response within 30 working days.
  • STS Training Solutions will keep a written record of all complaints and compliments made about our business, this will be made available to any inspectors or other organisations that conduct Quality Assurance based audits.
  • Our primary goal is to provide high quality customer focused training and qualifications; therefore, if we receive a complaint, we are fully committed to resolving it asap.



Rob Towersey

STS Training Solutions

Dated: 18.5.23       

Next review: 17.5.24

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